Moving to Jekyll

Fully-Faltoo blog is now hosted on GitHub using Jekyll engine. Primary difference between traditional web-blogs (Wordpress, Tumblr or any other) and Jekyll is that Jekyll web-blog is a static blog. While in other engines, the page is generated dynamically on each request, Jekyll pages are pre-saved as HTML.

Why I love it?

Cause it gives all the customization in a very easy (hackable) way. I can use my favourite text-editor to write posts, I can use mark-down and using custom scripts I can publish posts in seconds.

Another major advantage is that it is YAML based. It does not use any database and thus you can add new fields on the fly.

Migration guides

  • Jekyll Bootstrap guide was a perfect guide to set-up the blog.
  • Jekyll comes preloaded with migrations scripts to import data from all the major blog engines. I used it to migrate my data from Tumblr to Jekyll.
  • Then I used a quick Python script to add missing post-titles as Tumblr didn't provide titles for all the fields.
  • Customized the theme.
  • Pushed GIT.

So you can expect lots of geeky posts in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

Pratyush Mittal @pratyush