You are using the wrong search engine!

Change default search engine to Google's "I am Feeling Lucky"


Before ignoring this tip, I would highly recommend you to try the above as the default search engine in Chrome (at-least for a week). It is the Google's "I am Feeling Lucky™" search.

I began using the "I am Feeling Lucky" (IAFL) link in one of my websites to link to specific details. The results were overwhelming as the accuracy was more than 90%. Since then I started using it as my default search engine.

The biggest advantage of using IAFL is that it makes you more productive. Traditionally, you first input the search query in the omnibox, hit enter, and get the list of results. You need to scan through ads, through results and through all the distractions. In most cases, we often end-up opening more than one pages, and correspondingly many more number of clicks and time. In contrast, the IAFL search is ad-free and takes you to the best result (which is mostly the page you want to see), just after you hit enter. Also, in case Google is not sure which is the the best result, it shows the default results.

As you use more of IAFL search, you start exploring its hidden potentials. Don't remember your favourite band's Facebook page link? No problem, just type facebook [band name] and enter, and it will take you directly take to the band's page. In similar fashion you can use it for twitter, linkedin, stackoverflow, mp3, subtitles or even torrents. You will be soon surprised by the Google's accuracy.

Do give it a try and share your search tips.

Detailed instructions for using "I am Feeling Lucky" on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.
link: {google:baseURL}search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=%s

Pratyush Mittal @pratyush