Websites I use - A to Z

These are the websites I use the most based on my browser’s frecency:

This post is inspired from S Anand’s blogpost.

  • A is for Though I don’t shop too much, I usually use Amazon to browse though books and read their initial pages.
  • B is - mostly for checking current stock prices and for keeping a track of latest corporate announcements.
  • C shows one of my favorite tech blogs - Recently, have been visiting it more frequently to check the blog’s integration with Discourse. It is followed by, which I use to keep a track of latest scores.
  • D is I love to use the live sharing and commenting feature in Google Docs to collaborate on articles, letters and reports. For other writings, I prefer to use gVim.
  • E is I recently read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style; have been using this StackExchange to follow up with few of the rules mentioned in the book.
  • F is (obviously) The runner-up is - rss reader to keep a track of my favorite blogs. In future I would like to see Feedly climb above :).
  • G is - I love open-source projects.
  • H is - used to manage multiple Twitter accounts including @faltoo and @screener_in.
  • I is - for booking all the train tickets. It is followed by for checking all the movie recommendations.
  • J shows one of my favorite financial blogs It is followed by, which I use to compress images in blog posts.
  • K is - for movies and music.
  • L is localhost - a playground for all my development projects.
  • M is (again obviously)
  • N is - I use it to stay updated with the latest programing developments. Lately, I have been using more of for its better interface.
  • O is - for deploying new test projects for free.
  • P is - a custom domain used for testing different internal projects at different times. It is followed by, used for quickly fixing the photographs.
  • Q is Quora. I am not a huge fan of Quora but it is the only one with Q.
  • R is - a side-project I have been working upon. It is like Evernote but saves everything in your DropBox.
  • S is for - the project that takes most of my time :). It is followed by - my favorite resource to get and provide help.
  • T is - I like to keep track of latest updates through Twitter rather than watching news.
  • U is, an old and the only item in U. Now I like to use Arch.
  • V is, my favorite forum for in-depth discussions on stocks.
  • W is - my webhost for all the production deployments.
  • X is - an old one time item when I used MIUI Rom on my Nexus S.
  • Y is - I love to hear music and watch my favorite channels online.
  • Z has no items.

Pratyush Mittal @pratyush