How to find and handle duplicate rows in Django

Sometimes we have duplicate rows in database due to some bad design or schema change. Lets see how we can fix them.


  • The solution is to “group by” rows based on the required columns.
  • Add a column for counts
  • Filter rows where count is more than 1

Lets say we have a model Announcement with company_id (FK), title, broadcast_date and other fields. We want to delete duplicate announcements for the company on same date.

from django.db.models import Min, Max, Count
from documents.models import Announcement

 # Groupby by putting group identifiers in values
 # then annotate a count record
dupes = Announcement.objects.values('company_id', 'title', 'broadcast_date') \
    .order_by() \

 # Check query
print dupes.query

 # Handle duplicate
for result in dupes:

Using unique and unique_together database constraints

Best way to handle duplicates is to use unique or unique_together constraints at database level. A common error is sometimes to use a nullable field in unique_together. In SQL, null is not equal to anything. In-fact, null is not equal to even null. So a unique constraint on a null value won’t work.

Pratyush Mittal @pratyush