Migrating the blog to Micro.blog

I am moving my blog from Pelican to micro.blog.

Pelican was great but required efforts to build, deploy and push. Blogging should be as frictionless as possible.

I always wanted to write my own blogging engine. But it required a lot more time than I thought. We need to create APIs for handling uploads, integrate rich text editor, handle hosting and then migrate all the old posts. Micro.blog does all of this plus a lot more.

Things that made me move to Micro.blog were:

  • Micropub specs: Micro.blog follows micropub specs. That means we can use any blogging software for publishing.
  • Crossposting: this is big one. Micro.blog can automatically share new posts on Twitter. It can also import content from other sources.
  • Integration with IFTTT: I love Pinboard for bookmarking. It is my pseudo-blog. Using IFTTT, I might be able to cross-post the links from Pinboard.
  • Freedom: Micro.blog uses Hugo under the hood. Thus it is as customisable as we want. Plus @manton has done a great job to make the migrations easy.

Hope I can post more in 2021.

Pratyush Mittal @pratyush