The Now Habit - Handling procrastination

The first step towards keeping procrastination at bay is to create safety. Failure must not be the end of the world. You need to remember that many very successful people had big failures. Your value as a person does not depend on the task.

A way to reduce the pressure you feel is to be mindful of language. Avoid “I must” and “I should”. Try to think in terms of “I want to”, “I choose” and “I decide”.

Answering support queries is sometimes boring and fearful. But “I choose” to do it because it keeps us in right direction. It ensure we make things that people want.

“I choose” to answer queries also because it helps me identify the bugs and errors.

“I must finish” is not a helpful way of thinking. The better way is “When can I start?”. Try to get things done at least partially, long before a deadline looms.

Partial work is an important aspect: you don't have to complete a big project in one sitting. Bite a small, manageable chunk off and get that done. The project may be big, but it can be tackled in smaller parts. Do a first draft. Or one test chapter. Maybe it even helps to do a first draft sloppily on purpose and edit it afterwards.
Pratyush Mittal @pratyush