Pratyush Mittal
Hobby coder and a stock investor.

Rules of card game Judgement (or President)

My family loves to play this card game. It is much like coat-piece but less dependent on luck. Plus it allows any number of people to play together.

I was not aware of the official rules around scoring. We gave 10 points to everyone with the right prediction. But linking of points to number of hands predicted is an interesting twist.

How to play

  1. Each Player gets 1 card in Level 1, 2 cards in Level 2 and so on
  2. Trump type changes on every level. In rotational order of Spade, Diamond, Club & Heart.
  3. Each Player need to predict wins in the level before first player throws card
  4. Each player throws one card, first player's card decides the type other players should throw, highest card player wins the round
  5. If player don't have same type card then Trump type could be thrown and that takes precedence, if player don't have Trump type card then any card can be thrown
  6. Each player that wins exact same rounds as predicted, wins the level
  7. Every Level winning player will get 10 + predicted win points. eg if predicted win was 2, player gets 10 + 2 = 12 points
  8. Player with the highest total points in the score card wins.