Pratyush Mittal
Hobby coder and a stock investor.

Uberspace - Shared web hosting

I love Uberspace for hosting websites on a shared server.

While I use VPS (AWS, Linode or DigitalOcean) for larger projects, I still love shared hosting because they are batteries included. They are pre-configured with firewalls, databases, nginx, apache, memcache and SSL.

Shared servers also have much more (shared) CPU resources than a fixed CPU capacity in a VPS. My earlier websites on (1GB ram - shared cpu - $5/month) performed much better than on DigitalOcean (2GB ram - 2CPU - $10/month). Primary reason was that though the CPU on Webfaction was shared with neighbours, it was of much much larger capacity.

Thus it all boils down to how a shared hosting provider allocates the neighbours. UberSpace rocks at this.

I didn't find the resource allocation part on UberSpace website. Here are the details of that:

Disk space: 10 GB (can be expanded)
RAM: 1.5 GB
CPU: Shared as available. But restricted to 6 (

On pricing: they provide a pay what you want model :)