Lion's Joke - hilarious

One day Lion summons the other animals: “Each of you must tell a joke, but if any one fails to laugh, I’ll kill the one who told it. Monkey, go first.”

Monkey begins: “Two men are in the street and….”

When he finishes, everyone bursts out laughing save Tortoise. “Tortoise didn’t laugh!” roars Lion, who pounces on Monkey and kills him.

“Elephant, you’re next.” The same thing happens again. Everyone is angry at Tortoise, but nobody dares move. “Now it’s Tiger’s turn.”

Tiger was about to begin when Tortoise falls over laughing. “What’s with you?” bellows Lion. “Tiger hasn’t told his joke yet…”

Tortoise replies: “Monkey’s joke is hilarious!”

Pratyush Mittal @pratyush