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9th March 2024

Implementing OKRs

We recently started using OKRs for our Screener team.

We are a team of 7.
- 4 Developers: 3 local + 1 remote (part-time)
- 3 Support: 1 local + 2 remote
Four of the team members work remotely.

Most of the tasks are picked, planned and prioritised by me. I find it hard to assign tasks, do continuous follow-ups and provide feedbacks. This is specially hard on our remote team.

This centralised thinking makes it difficult for me to distribute the work. I end up picking most of the tasks. And hence the work that gets done is not …

24th Feb. 2024

Speed Reading by Kam Knight.png
Speed Reading by Kam Knight

I saw this Tweet by Arpit Ranka. I didn't believe it.

Speed Reading sounds like a gimmick to me. I have read a speed reading book before. I have also tried various speed reading tools. They were all placebos and didn't last long.

I was so much in disbelieve that I had to ask Arpit Bhaiya in person when I met him. "Bhaiya, I was surprised to see your Tweet on Speed Reading. Does it really work? What is it about?"

He told me it is a very short and simple book. There are …

12th Feb. 2024

Trying out Neovim and Zed

I was a VS Code user for last many years. Though it "just worked", it
started getting slower. It became too magical and too bundled. It became harder to configure and customise. I had too many plugins and I didn't know what was overriding what.

This is when I read about Zed. I liked their simplicity and speed. Zed provides very limited configuration options. This makes it easy to configure and understand what's happening.

Zed introduced me to the concepts of "tree-sitter" and "LSP":
  • Tree-Sitter: is it a grammar parser. It tells what is a variable, what is …

2nd Jan. 2024

"Too many files" error in NGINX

Screener was quite a bit slow yesterday. But more importantly, once in a while we were getting a "504 bad gateway" error.

One thing I remember the most from Max Kanat-Alexander's "Understanding Software" is to never fix a problem until you can reproduce it.
Sometimes people have a very hard time debugging. Mostly these are people who believe that in order to debug a system, you have to think about it instead of looking at it.


It can be tempting to think that you already know the answer. Sometimes you can guess and you're right. It doesn't happen very …

12th Dec. 2023

Trek to Sandak Phu - 11980 ft

Phalut top - with The Sleeping Buddha in the backdrop
This was my first high altitude trek. After returning, I am surprised, it didn't feel that hard. I can to do it again!

Probably the walk on day 4, from Phalut to Aal changed everything. It was a walk I will remember for a long time. That day I saw the valley of clouds. The ocean of clouds floating beneath us. The little hail (kind of snowflakes) particles, flying and sticking to my fleece. Huge vultures flying with their 3ft wide wings.

We saw Mt Everest and The Sleeping Buddha …

13th Oct. 2023

Week 16: The 4-Hour Work Week

There have been lots of interesting developments over last few weeks:
  • Added a WYSIWYG editor (Squire)
  • Created a new app: DumbFill (RAG)
  • Had a small family get-together
  • Caught "The 4-Hour Work Week" bug
While the first 3 were more creative and fun; the last one has been occupying me the most. It is an experiment I would like to talk about.

Warning: I have still read only 50% of the book. Trying to test and apply each page; rather than discarding the weird ideas in the book.

It all started with this Tweet.
CleanShot 2023-10-13 at 14.59.30@2x.png
Tweet by Sahil: If you're busy as …

24th Aug. 2023

Week 15 - PyDelhi

I attended PyDelhi conference this week. It was refreshing to talk about tech, non-stop, for two days.

These are some notes from the talks at the conference.
Talk on Zen Of Python by Shantanu. Pic by PhysicsWorm.

NetworkX for network analysis

Navya gave a simple and quick overview of the NetworkX library with practical examples. I want to try this library. Though I don't have an immediate use-case, I want to explore something similar for recommendations. Something where I can just define the existing associations. And then ask the library to throw a recommendation based on certain selection. Something as …

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