Writer's block

Seth Godin’s post yesterday on Talker’s Block motivates me to give it a try. I haven’t been very good at writing and thus sometimes end up procrastinating jobs. Such as, after reading a good article, have often thought about writing an email to the author, but ended up procrastinating it to infinity.

This will be an interesting challenge to take-up and I will try to write some analysis, everyday single day, on the blog - beginning with this post!

Rules are simple:

Just write poorly. Continue to write poorly, in public, until you can write better.

Do it every day. Every single day. Not a diary, not fiction, but analysis. Clear, crisp, honest writing about what you see in the world. Or want to see. Or teach (in writing). Tell us how to do something.

Thanks Seth!

[P.S.: Will also keep sharing other interesting things I stumble upon.]

Pratyush Mittal @pratyush