Pratyush Mittal
Hobby coder and a stock investor.

Remixed Graph Paper Theme

DEMO | Download

Here is a nice 3 column fluid theme for Tumblr (I am using it at :P).

The original Graph Paper Theme was created by Heather. I decided to add up a sidebar for some extra features. Some changes brought about are:

  • Added a new Column
  • Made the theme fluid
  • Added support for tags
  • Changed the footer style
  • Added search feature
  • and many others I don’t remember :P

So you are free to use it and distribute it as you wish. The original version was released on 14 April 2008 under Creative Commons.

Basically, share derivative work, don’t make money off it, and give credit. Otherwise, you’re free to use and modify it however you want! Unported, so use it anywhere.

Do give your feedback. In case of any problem, discuss it here or contact me at: pratyush [at] .

DEMO | Download

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