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9th Nov. 2021

A.R Rahman's shares his thoughts on creativity

I loved this interview of AR Rahman. The piece that I loved the most was where he explains how he thinks about creativity [10.06].
I think it is a constant seeking. When we try 500 things out of which 5 become amazing; I think it's a blessing. We can try 1000 years and still not crack something. But if you get 1 line that lingers on in your heart, in people's hearts, I think that's a blessing. Because somewhere deep there's a soul which is actually connecting to all other souls

 And for that, you have to constantly be cleansing yourself.

Your mind, the way you think about, because what you think actually manifests. And you can't fake it. You can't be an evil person and try to do a very good song.

There is goodness in all of us. I feel like how can you enhance that stuff. How can you trigger that? How can you manifest it in another when people are listening to it and transport people.


One thing I do is fasting. When you fast, all the bad energies go. And then you are more in one with yourself. That helps me think this is right this is wrong.

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