Pratyush Mittal
Hobby coder and a stock investor.

Loved this short essay by Taleb. He highlights the difference in the way nature and we humans behave:

Nature builds with extra spare parts (two kidneys), and extra capacity in many, many things (say lungs, neural system, arterial apparatus, etc.), while design by humans tend to be spare, overoptimized, and have the opposite attribute of redundancy, that is, leverage—we have a historical track record of engaging in debt, which is the reverse of redundancy (fifty thousand in extra cash in the bank or, better, under the mattress, is redundancy; owing the bank an equivalent amount is debt).

We extrapolate the current optimism. We take the historical past as the worst-case scenario. And then we make provisions based on the estimated probabilities of that happening (or not happening) again.

However, nature learns from the past. It adapts to prevent those failures from happening again.

So if humans fight the last war, nature fights the next war.

Wonderful read.