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4th Feb. 2023

MailBrew is free now

MailBrew is one of my favourite services. It allows us to create custom email digests. We can use it to track blogs, Tweets of favorite people and other sources. It is like creating a custom newspaper for yourself.

I have 3 daily digests on MailBrew.

1. Daily Morning Digest - 8am
This one contains:
- Tweets of people who Tweet rarely and I don't want to miss them.
- RSS feed for DD News. To track national developments. [Want a better unbiased alternative]
- RSS feed for KnockSense. It keeps me updated about Lucknow.
- Top links on HackerNews
- Top links on Lobster
- RSS feed for CSS Tricks

2. Blogs Digest - 11am
This one tracks my favorite blogs. It consolidates all updates across blogs in a single email.

3. Tech Digest - 6pm
This one gives me something to read about tech in evening. It contains:
- Bookmarks of people I follow on Pinboard.in.
- Change logs of softwares I use such as MySQL
- Blogs of softwares such as Sketch, Alfred, Raycast

MailBrew was a paid service till few months back. Recently Ev Williams (co-founder of Twitter and Blogger) bought MailBrew from its previous owners. I am surprised he made something free for what I loved paying for.

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