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14th June 2023

Mona and Mastodon

I tried Mastodon multiple times. It was hard to use.

- Following new people was hard.
- The timeline didn't refresh and was broken.
- Following conversations was hard.
- Seeing what others liked and going down the rabbit hole was not possible.

Until I discovered Mona.
Screenshot of multi-column view in Mona

I read about Mona on Daring Fireball. It is such a pleasant software to use. It provides everything at a single place. It remembers where I left. The multi column interface is addictive. It is fast, no bling, no surprises, "do one thing well" software. I am loving it.

Regarding content, all the Django crowd has already moved to Mastodon. My timeline always have something new and interesting. The conversations are much more wholesome. Have found zero negativity, trolls and unnecessary distractions till now.

Finally I am spending more time on Mastodon vs Twitter :).

Please follow my on Mastodon at: https://mastodon.social/@faltoo

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