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2nd Jan. 2023

Resolutions for 2023

These are few of the things I want to do this year.

Run thrice a week - do 150 runs

I did a Chattisgarh Jungle Trek in 2022. It was one of the most magical experience. Being alone in the jungle for 4 days. No horns - no noise; only the chirping of birds, blowing of breeze and crackling of leaves. Walking on the river, swimming in it, stargazing, sitting by the lotus lake and having conversations with friends. All magical!

The requirement to qualify for the trek was to run 5kms in 35 minutes. I hadn't run 1km in my life. It required a lot of preparation and practice at my end. But something I truly enjoyed. I wish to continue that practice this year.

I got a Garmin watch to track my runs. It also provides a coach who plans the runs for the week. It schedules 3 runs a week and I wish to do them.

Write every week - write 50 posts

I wish to write more often. Not necessarily long well thought posts. Just sharing anything interesting I notice. Or sharing new experiences in my personal life.

Three of my favourite bloggers who do this well are Adacito, Chris Coyier and John Gruber. I wish to take inspiration from them.

Read more books - 12 books

I think I picked up around 10-12 books in 2022. But read only a couple till the end. I enjoyed The Mythical Man Month the most. I wish to complete more books this year.

Attend a course

I like classrooms. I like to pick new courses.

I did Stoa in 2021. Did half of Kotlin course on Udacity in 2022. Want to pick something new in 2023.

A couple of courses that I am tracking are:

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