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24th Feb. 2024

Speed Reading by Kam Knight.png
Speed Reading by Kam Knight

I saw this Tweet by Arpit Ranka. I didn't believe it.

Speed Reading sounds like a gimmick to me. I have read a speed reading book before. I have also tried various speed reading tools. They were all placebos and didn't last long.

I was so much in disbelieve that I had to ask Arpit Bhaiya in person when I met him. "Bhaiya, I was surprised to see your Tweet on Speed Reading. Does it really work? What is it about?"

He told me it is a very short and simple book. There are few techniques and they work very well. The techniques improve the comprehension and the speed improves as a consequence.

I had to read the book to experience it. The "space reading" technique in chapter 4 and "sub-vocalisation" in chapter 6 are very powerful. They take a little practice, but they work.

Chapter 10 and 11  on improving comprehension are again very basic but powerful. Even chapter 1 and 2 on pre-reading sound very basic but are useful when put in action.

I have been able to pick and read some thick books which I wouldn't have attempted before:
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything
  • What I Learned About Investing from Darwin
The books like above are a bit hard to read. Few lines in and I would start day-dreaming. Soon I would be reading same line again and again to comprehend it.

I practiced the techniques on these wonderful books. It helped me complete the chapters faster and even enjoy them more. The techniques also give me confidence that I can complete more books now. Bring them on!

Thanks a lot Arpit Bhaiya 🙏🏼.

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Shobhit Singhal
24 Feb 2024

Thanks for sharing. I have also heard and read about speed reading and have thought it to be a gimmick too, but bow i guess i will be ordering the book and give it a try.

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