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13th Oct. 2023

Week 16: The 4-Hour Work Week

There have been lots of interesting developments over last few weeks:
  • Added a WYSIWYG editor (Squire)
  • Created a new app: DumbFill (RAG)
  • Had a small family get-together
  • Caught "The 4-Hour Work Week" bug
While the first 3 were more creative and fun; the last one has been occupying me the most. It is an experiment I would like to talk about.

Warning: I have still read only 50% of the book. Trying to test and apply each page; rather than discarding the weird ideas in the book.

It all started with this Tweet.
CleanShot 2023-10-13 at 14.59.30@2x.png
Tweet by Sahil: If you're busy as a founder, you're doing something wrong.
It was totally counter-intuitive. I started inspecting this idea and landed on The 4-Hour Work Week book.

Is it possible to work just 4-Hours a Week? Is it even desirable?
Desirable or not I don't know. The book gives us a framework to manage our time better.

The framework is called DEAL. The first section Defines the framework. It asks us to Dream and to live those dreams. It shows what we can do when we have more time. It creates a reason to be free. It basically asks us to stop doing that monotonous shit every day. Go! Live out of your comfort zone.

The second part makes us rethink what we do and how we do it. It frees our time through Elimination. It shares ways to do daily chores better. How to handle overflowing emails. How to handle lots of meetings and calls. How to think of our time. How to prioritise our tasks.

Tim shares the concepts of "batching" and "empowerment failures". We have read "Pareto Principal" and "Parkinson's Law" multiple times before. The book applies them in everyday life.

The third part is about Automation. It introduces the concept of "VA". How to delegate tasks and what to delegate. There are over 40 pages of examples of delegation. This is the section I am going slow on and trying it out as I read it.

The last part is about Liberation. I haven't reached that yet.

Have you read this book? Please share your experience.


14 Oct 2023

Last one I think the author himself no longer supports it. Do not remember where I saw him discussed the same.

Pratyush (admin)
14 Oct 2023

Hey @VC, It is pity the book hasn't been updated for the new age. Did Tim do any interview or write-up on how he evolved since we wrote the book? What has he changed since then? Do share if you find anything. Thanks a lot for dropping a comment :)

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