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14th May 2022

Week 3

It was largely a bug-fixing week. Not the best of the weeks.

What's brewing

Got a new coffee-making machine: Mukka Express
My brother and I are coffee addicts. Not the "black-coffee" kind, but the "instant coffee" ones who can't work without it.

We have been wanting to get a coffee machine for our office. I researched and came across Bialetti. Their Moka Pot is a traditional kitchen piece of Italy found in every house. But it makes only Espresso - a coffee without milk.

Bialetti also has a Mukka Express. Like Moka Pot, this too works with stove and induction. But this one prepares cappuccino and latte. I received it yesterday and still need to get hang of it. Will hopefully be having more "mehangi waali" coffees this week.

Bug fixes at Screener
Some of the scripts around remote updates were facing errors. Some concalls, credit ratings and other updates were missing. Fixed most of them.

Also did a short new screencast for Screener.

Undelivered emails at ValuePickr
The ValuePickr forum too has been facing some issues. The emails are not going. The servers were running long outdated Ubuntu version (16.04 LTS). We migrated the forum to new servers and reinstalled the whole thing.  However, it still hasn't resolved the issue.

Hopefully will have a more exciting next week.

Playlist additions

I liked Raat Bhar (anything from VB is an instant like) and Kaisi Baatein Karte Ho from Modern Love (Mumbai).
I also liked the album Shades of Cashmere by Shashwat Sachdev.

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