Pratyush Mittal
Hobby coder and a stock investor.

28th May 2022

Week 4 - Guwahati Trip

Hey, I missed last week's update. I was travelling to Guwahati.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Young India - A panel discussion
I was part of a panel discussion at IIT Guwahati. The purpose was to encourage today's youth toward entrepreneurship. I enjoyed the conversations with other panellists and moderator Jay.
Wifey, daughter, me, Jay and Jay's Father at Guwahati Biotech Park

Fun at Pobitora, Baithalongso and Guwahati
After the session, we went off to Pobitora to see some Rhinos.
From Pobitora, we moved to Baithalongo. We booked an AirBnB. It was super fun. They had their own swing, zip-line, pineapples and a fabulous cottage. 
Wifey ready for Zipline

We stayed at another AirBnB on our return. It was a cosy cabin with a beautiful attic.

It was a fun trip overall. Time to get back to work now 👨‍💻.