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31st July 2022

Weekly Notes - 10

We have been of multitasking between tax returns, feature prototypes and code reviews for the last two weeks.

We discovered Section 54F this time. This section exempts capital gains (with no upper limit) if the proceeds are invested in buying or constructing a house. Very interesting. This is something that my Dad does. He creates a physical asset in every bull run.

Last year we discovered section 115BAA. It allows companies to opt for lower tax rates of 22%. Awesome!

Bulk and Block Deals on Screener

We added a lot of things in bulk and block deals over the last 2 weeks:
- Shareholder pages display the bulk and block deals along with major holdings.
- Company pages show bulk and block deals too now.
- A "recent deals" indicator.
- Reverse search for people from company pages.
- A page to browse through latest deals (wip): https://www.screener.in/trades/

Stock Alerts (coming soon)

Kavi and I have been working on a new stock alerts feature. It is almost done now. This is what it will look like:
Preview of Stock Alerts feature on Screener.in


Just is a command runner. It allows us to create small recipes. We can use these recipes system-wide or for specific projects. I automated our code-review workflow using Just this week.

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