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5th June 2023

Weekly Notes - 11

I stopped posting the weekly notes for sometime. I thought, I would instead post small updates as and when they happened. But I was unable to do that. Restarting with weekly updates.

Joined MMA Matrix

I have been wanting to learn boxing or street combat. It is good to have proper skills. To have confidence to help others as well as ourselves when needed.

My boxer friend, Tabish, recommended me MMA Matrix gym. It provides Mixed Martial Arts training in Lucknow. They have a beautiful boxing cage. They provide MMA training 4 days a week.

The sessions are of 60 minutes. Around 30 minutes are for strength training exercises and remaining for practicing different kicks and moves.

I was surprised and impressed to know MMA Matrix is a chain by Tiger Sharoff. Their MMA niche is working out well. The gym has high occupancy even though it is a very competitive segment. 

Using Plausible on Screener

We used Google Analytics on Screener for website stats. We never used any other third-party tracking. We never sell or spy on our user's data.

This week we removed Google Analytics too. We replaced it with self-hosted version of Plausible.

The reason I removed Google Analytics was:
  1. To have zero third-party tracking.
  2. Google Analytics collected too much data. 99% of this data was never used by us. The data served a third-party more than us.
  3. Plausible is ethical. It doesn't collect any user-identified data.
  4. Plausible is simpler.
We were never able to draw actionable insights from Google Analytics. Plausible makes it easier to understand our users. Their email reports and traffic surge updates are more useful. They also have a very actionable and easy to understand docs. Good work Plausible!

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