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5th June 2022

Weekly Notes - Concall Tools

This was a rather busy week. I was mostly catching up with the pending emails and logs.

Extracting data from Concall Transcripts
Concall Transcripts contain a wealth of information. I started working on a library to extract structured information from concall transcripts.

Initially, we are trying to understand how to proceed with PDFs. We started with a single function for extracting the names of various participants in a call. Along with the name of the firms they are associated with.

Would love to have contributions from anyone having experience or interest in this: Concall Tools on Github

[Book] Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekananda
I picked Swami's book after seeing a tweet by Manoj Bhaiya.

I was fascinated by the idea of working incessantly by practising self-restraint.  Restraining selfish pleasures and distractions. We need to develop muscle for this. This is what develops our character.

It is the greatest manifestation of power – this tremendous restraint; self-restraint is a manifestatoin of greater power than all outgoing action. A carriage with four horses may rush down a hill unrestrained, or the coachman may curb the horses. Which is the greater manifestation of power, to let them go or to hold them? A cannonball flying through the air goes a long distance and falls. Another is cut short in its flight by striking against a wall, and the impact generates intense heat. All outgoing engergy following a selfish motive is frittered away; it will not cause power to return to you; but if restrained, it will result in development of power. This self-control will tend to produce a mighty will, a character which makes a Christ or a Buddha. Foolish men do not know this secret; they nervertheless want to rule mankind. Even a fool may rule the whole world if he works and waits.

Bug fixes and reviews on Screener
Though I merged around 10 outstanding pull requests this week, most of them were related to dependency updates or small bug fixes.

The 2 major branches in the review stage are:
1. Sharing notes among teams. This will allow small teams to work together on individual stock ideas. This is 60% done.
2. Change algorithm for adjusting EPS for splits and bonuses. This is 90% done.

Songs on repeat
Dasht-E-Tanhai by Meesha Shafi from Coke Studio.
- Mere Dholna by Shreya Ghoshal from Bhool Bhulaiyaa (part one).
- Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar by KK from MP3.

Extremely sad about the demise of KK 💔😞.

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