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30th April 2022

Weekly Notes

I love to read weekly notes of some of my favourite techies:
- Simon Willison
- Chir.ag
- Monica
- Dejal

It is a wonderful insight into their lives. We get a sneak preview of the things they are working on and how they are thinking.

I too hope to publish updates that often. Kind of an open life journal. Not because I have too many interesting things to share. But because I want to get back to writing.

I love blogging. But it is hard to think of a new topic each time. It also takes a lot of time to revise and publish a post. Posting a weekly summary of unrefined thoughts might be easier. Let's see!

Major updates this week

- We added new charts on Screener.
Price to Book Value, EV Multiples and Mcap / Sales charts on Screener

- I also played with AlpineJs this week. I am loving (super-loving) this library.

I loved the AlpineJS approach to reactivity. It is taken from VueJS. They basically created a way to "watch" variables. And automatically update the UI if the value changes. Noice!

- I played with AlpineJS by creating a new toy project - Strangers.chat. It is a "talk to strangers" thing, but without any servers. It uses WebRTC to connect directly with the peer. A P2P connection without any eavesdropping. All in your browser.

Much of it is powered using PeerJS. It is hosted on Github since it doesn't need any backend. It is still a work in progress with the basic proof-of-concept ready. It provided me with a way to get my hands dirty in AlpineJS.

Reading and learning

I have been struggling with my emails recently. I just haven't been able to look at the inbox. Though Hey does a wonderful job at organizing the emails. And our support team does a wonderful job in answering all the user queries. I personally get stuck on a few things sometimes.

I procrastinate everything when I am deep into a code. I don't reply to my team emails, I forget to check the logs, I skip meetings and I don't pick up the calls. Yeah! That's a big problem.

The bucket of pending things overflows and I just let it overflow till it calms down itself. This really is harmful sometimes and I wish to find a system around this.

I have picked up "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. I read some good reviews about it. That it does provide a system to get things done.

Inspired by Nozbe's post, I also plan to dedicate particular days to particular things.

Monday to Thursday
Do regular day-to-day work: Code reviews and back-office.

Do clean-ups. Clean up the inbox. Meet new people (meetings). Clean up the backlog.

Do a weekly review (from GTD book). Share the updates in a blog post.

Let's hope this goes well and I continue to post updates :).

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