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28th July 2023

I was Stuck

I get stuck sometimes. And I can do nothing until I solve that problem.

When I am stuck;
My emails start piling-up;
Pending payments go unnoticed;
People get offended as I don't reply to their DMs;
Meetings as hastened or cancelled;
The error logs start increasing;
All the KMPs take a sudden nose-dive.

I get stuck fixing the music player, while all the guests are waiting for the dinner. I get stuck fixing the page layout in Excel, when it is last week of September and a dozen tax returns need to be filed.

I was in 6th or 7th …

4th July 2023

Weekly Review 13 - Flame

My Brother and I were at Flame University last week. We attended Prof. Sanjay Bakshi's course of Case Studies and Business Models.

Ayush Bhai and me at Flame Campus

Prof Sanjay Bakshi and Flame

Sanjay Bakshi Sir's lectures have changed the way we invest.

We always looked for undervalued and unpopular companies going through a transition. We were number guys and focused mostly on financials of the companies. We sold the stocks when they sort of doubled.

Prof's lectures taught us to focus on qualitative aspects. These models help us evaluate the companies better and ride them longer. It …

19th June 2023

Weekly Review 12 - Gollum

I recently shared about Mastodon. The tech conversations are pretty interesting there. Found some good libraries and podcasts on it.

DHH Podcast on Minimalist Management

Sometimes I have too many things to do.

- Pending code reviews
- Unanswered support queries
- Overflowing inbox
- Increasing error logs
- Operational stuff such as hiring, planning and other things

And while this never ending todo list is compounding; a new idea sucks out all the remaining attention.
Pending tasks and new ideas meme

This is exactly what Adam and DHH discuss in the podcast: How his days are. And how …

14th June 2023

Mona and Mastodon

I tried Mastodon multiple times. It was hard to use.

- Following new people was hard.
- The timeline didn't refresh and was broken.
- Following conversations was hard.
- Seeing what others liked and going down the rabbit hole was not possible.

Until I discovered Mona.
Screenshot of multi-column view in Mona

I read about Mona on Daring Fireball. It is such a pleasant software to use. It provides everything at a single place. It remembers where I left. The multi column interface is addictive. It is fast, no bling, no surprises, "do one thing well" software. …

8th June 2023

My Command Line setup

I spend a lot of time in terminal. Most of it goes in reviewing code, managing servers, running tests etc.

These are the tools I use. I hope to keep this list updated. It should be helpful during system re-installs.


Shell: zsh
This is what runs the commands. ZSH is installed by default.

Prompt: Starship
Prompt is the information we see about the current env. Starship automatically shows active git branch, virtual env, python version, AWS login, docker and other such things.

Terminal: iTerm2
The main app we use to interact with shell. iTerm is most used.

Extensions: antigen …

5th June 2023

Weekly Notes - 11

I stopped posting the weekly notes for sometime. I thought, I would instead post small updates as and when they happened. But I was unable to do that. Restarting with weekly updates.

Joined MMA Matrix

I have been wanting to learn boxing or street combat. It is good to have proper skills. To have confidence to help others as well as ourselves when needed.

My boxer friend, Tabish, recommended me MMA Matrix gym. It provides Mixed Martial Arts training in Lucknow. They have a beautiful boxing cage. They provide MMA training 4 days a week.

The sessions are of 60 …

14th Feb. 2023

Ran 5k in under 33 minutes

I feel proud of my new record as I never thought I could run 5 kilometers. I haven't felt healthier ever before.

The credit goes to my Garmin Coach.
Details of my 5k run on Strava

I started running in November 2022. I needed a watch to track my runs. My requirements were:
  1. The watch should have an inbuilt GPS as I don't carry a smartphone.
  2. It should have a good battery life.
  3. It is good to have music on device itself.
Parth, my cousin, suggested Garmin Forerunner 245 Music. It had all three. I was surprised at …

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