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19th Aug. 2008

Giftoscope – Creative Way to Find New Original Gift Ideas

Giftoscope – Creative Way to Find New Original Gift Ideas

Choosing gifts is a hard task. The Giftoscope helps to choose a present in an off-the-wall way. For instance, something tiny, jolly and pink, or something big, cheap and very needful. And what about something metal with a flower pattern? Choosing gifts is becoming a funny entertainment with the Giftoscope – we offer new items each day!

19th Aug. 2008

Live magic

That’s called live magic, amazing.


How does this work?!? It’s blowing my mind to smithereens.

18th Aug. 2008

GreedyTorrent Survival kit for a leech

GreedyTorrent: the survival kit for a leech

GreedyTorrent, the survival kit for a leech. GreedyTorrent is a freeware software program that can boost your bittorrent upload ratio.

18th Aug. 2008


Its a rainy farewell :D .


That would have been priceless!

via FAIL Blog

18th Aug. 2008

keybr.com Practice touch typing

keybr.com | Typing at the speed of thought!

17th Aug. 2008

Anti-piracy Ad

Anti-Piracy Revolution is here :D


Anti-Piracy Ad (Parody) from The IT Crowd

17th Aug. 2008

Time Flies

Time Really Flies

via photoshopcontest.com

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