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19th Aug. 2008

Live magic

That’s called live magic, amazing.


How does this work?!? It’s blowing my mind to smithereens.

18th Aug. 2008

GreedyTorrent Survival kit for a leech

GreedyTorrent: the survival kit for a leech

GreedyTorrent, the survival kit for a leech. GreedyTorrent is a freeware software program that can boost your bittorrent upload ratio.

18th Aug. 2008


Its a rainy farewell :D .


That would have been priceless!

via FAIL Blog

18th Aug. 2008

keybr.com Practice touch typing

keybr.com | Typing at the speed of thought!

17th Aug. 2008

Anti-piracy Ad

Anti-Piracy Revolution is here :D


Anti-Piracy Ad (Parody) from The IT Crowd

17th Aug. 2008

Time Flies

Time Really Flies

via photoshopcontest.com

16th Aug. 2008

Graph Paper Theme (Remixed) - [Tumblr Theme]

Remixed Graph Paper Theme

DEMO | Download

Here is a nice 3 column fluid theme for Tumblr (I am using it at https://fully-faltoo.tumblr.com :P).

The original Graph Paper Theme was created by Heather. I decided to add up a sidebar for some extra features. Some changes brought about are:

  • Added a new Column
  • Made the theme fluid
  • Added support for tags
  • Changed the footer style
  • Added search feature
  • and many others I don’t remember :P

So you are free to use it and distribute it as you wish. The original version was released on 14 April 2008 under Creative Commons.

Basically, share …

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