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16th Aug. 2023

Weekly Review 14 - Chennai

I travelled to Chennai last week with my wife and daughter.

We visited temples in Kanchipuram, did some saree shopping, and travelled around the city. I stayed for two more days and visited some listed companies after my wife returned.

I was surprised to see zero encroachment in the city. In Lucknow and most parts of India, the foothpaths are taken over by street vendors. Just outside our house, the street is being encroached by vegetable sellers, cigarette shops, thelas and puncture walas. I filed a complaint. They were moved one day, but returned with two additional gumtis the next day.
Marine Park in Chennai

Chennai felt refreshing. The city is quite clean. People rarely honk. And they follow one-way signals even when there is no police.

I was also amazed to see the saree shops. Three storeys. And houseful! There would have been at-least 1000 customers.

I hope to go to Chennai more often.

Will be attending PyDelhi this week.


Jay Shankarpure
17 Aug 2023

That's epic. What were some listed companies you visited while your time at Chennai?

Pratyush (admin)
17 Aug 2023

Hey Jay, did plant visits of Thejo and Krishca Strapping. Interacted with some people from VFX industry to understand the sector.

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